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Travel Thursday: Georgian House Hotel

Welcome to week 1 of Travel Thursday! I am going to make blogging about travel a more regular thing, starting weekly to begin with. For the first week we are putting the spotlight on the Harry Potter themed rooms of the Georgian House Hotel!

Georgian House Hotel

We stayed at the Georgian House Hotel the night before our check in to the Harry Potter themed rooms. Our room was a Victoria Classic Double room which was a bit less expensive and gorgeous! The quality of the room was so amazing that it got us very excited for the Harry Potter nights to come. Not to mention the breakfast was fantastic – continental breakfast and a hot food menu all included in the price! FANTASTIC 

Entering the Double Enchanted Chamber Room

The next day, on Thursday the 23rd of March, Zac and I changed rooms and checked in to the Double Enchanted Chamber room at the Georgian House Hotel.

This was the beginning of the Harry Potter themed activities for our honeymoon in London.

We arrived back at the hotel around 2pm for check in. The gentleman that was checking us in asked us to wait and disappeared around the corner. A few minutes later he returned and we followed him out. We approached a bookshelf at the end of the hallway and our guide reached out and pulled a hidden handle within the books – the bookshelf was a door!

Behind the door was a staircase that we descended. The stairs were lined with burning candles and Hedwig’s theme was playing through some hidden speakers. At the bottom of the stirs we used our key, which had a hand carved metal owl attached, to enter Hogwarts.

Photo from the Georgian House Website

The Details

The room was decorated just how I imagine Hogwarts would be decorated with a four poster bed, a trunk and …  the addition of a television. For a special honeymoon gift they gave us a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates that were waiting on the mantelpiece.

We spent the first night watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (my favourite) and drinking wine in adorable wine goblets.

The next morning we woke and went down for breakfast. We choose from a special, secret wizarding menu which was exclusive to guest staying in the Wizarding Chambers. Toffeedukes Pancakes and the Forbidden Feast is what we ordered, how amazing are those names!

Overall, we had an absolutely amazing time at the Georgian House Hotel. I would recommend it to any traveler and Harry Potter fan. It was elegant, nerdy and all around a great experience.

The Fine Print

Georgian House Hotel is located at 35 – 39 St Georges Drive, London, SW1V 4DG

You can visit their Website and Facebook for more information