5 Fandom Friday,  Catch Up Tuesday

Catch Up Tuesday: 5 Geeky Clothing Items I Need In My Closet Immediately

Every Tuesday I do a blog on a post I’ve seen in the past but never got around to doing. This week is 5 Geeky Clothing Items I Need In My Closet Immediately! First posted on ‘5 Fandom Friday’ on the 10th October 2014.

My life goal is to have a closet filled with geeky/nerdy clothes and vintage dresses! Here are the 5 items that I want now!

1. With the release of rebooted Ghostbusters last of course nerdy clothes for awesome nerds was going to come out. I found this cardigan created by Elhoffer Designs which encompasses all things nerdy, chic and ghostbusterery! Get it here

They would also be perfect with these amazing holtzmann glasses!

2. Staying with Elhoffer Design’s for a minute (As all her clothes are divine), I need this next cardigan as well! Last year I got absolutely hooked on ‘Hamilton’ the Musical. It is a work of art. Lin-Manuel has such a way with lyrics and harmony it just blows my mind. He is a genius. Period. Get the cardigan here


3. Now we have the beloved Blackmilk. Blackmilk has an amazing collection of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Marvel and other fandoms! I’m going to concentrate on the Harry Potter. My need for this skirt is intense. Not only is it the Marauders Map but it look INCREDIBLE with a petticoat underneath. My vintage and nerdy love coming all together! Get it here

Mischief Managed (Well it will be when I finally buy it!)

4. Her Universe is another great fashion brand for nerdy, geeky goodness. Her site is currently down but you can still buy her clothing off Hot Topic! This Agent Carter dress is currently quite high on my to buy list! It’s gorgeous, vintage and subtly nerdy which is perfect for everyday cosplay. I can go to work and feel like a badass. You can get this dress here

5. Hot Topic itself has a lot of great pop culture merch and outfits. It’s stocks Her Universe as seen above but it also stock a LOT more. I found this extremely cute Tardis dress which is the perfect balance of Doctor Who and steampunk. I need to be a Tardis and in this dress it’d definitely be easier to pretend! Purchase here

I hope you have enjoyed my list! I know I left you links on where to buy these but just know I will be extremely jealous of you if you get them before me!