5 Fandom Friday

5 Fandom Friday: My TBR Pile

This weeks 5 Fandom Friday is my to be read pile! Here are the next five books I am reading for the Gilmore Girl Challenge!

1. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. Season 4, Episode 4. Rory is seen reading this book in the Gazebo when a ‘guy almost brains [her] with a stack of tablecloths’, the guy in question was setting up for Dean and Lindsay’s wedding!

2. On the Road by Jack Kerouac. Is the first book mentioned in the series and multiple times after that. While the first mention is by Lorelai and not Rory I thought it was still an important book to read in the challenge

3. The Way By Swann’s by Marcel Proust. Or as it’s mentioned in Gilmore Girls, ‘Swann’s Way’. This is first mentioned by Lorelai and Max Medina but Rory does mention it in her graduation speech so it’s on the list!

4. Moby Dick By Herman Melville. Season 1, Episode 1. Dean asks Rory how she’s enjoying it, admitting to having been watching her read it from afar.

5. The Portable Dorothy Parker. Season 1, Episode 9. It’s the book Rory brings with her to the school dance.