5 Fandom Friday

5 Fandom Friday: Five Fictional Vehicles I’d Love To Travel In

This Fandom Friday prompt was first posted on July 24rd, 2015! Only a little bit behind!


My dream in life was always, well since 2005, to be the first female Doctor in Doctor Who. That dream has now been taken away from me by the amazing Jodie Whittaker so it’s time for a new dream. So of course that dream is to become the first Ginger Doctor! I am already a Timelord, ask anybody who knows me, but I never received my TARDIS so I would love to travel in one!

Hogwarts Express

I’m still bitter about never getting my Hogwarts letter. Therefore a train ride to that beautiful castle is very high up on my list! It would be a dream come true to travel in the Hogwarts Express… while eating everything off the Honeydukes express food trolley!


It’s not quite the TARDIS but it’s still Time Traveling in style! Doc Brown and I would fix everything we broke in the first place and have a great time while doing it!


Have you ever seen a sexier car than Baby? The answer is no. I can’t wait to save people, hunt things and join the family business with Sam and Dean!

The Bear Trap Float

I WOULD BE ALL THE PICKLES! The Belchers are the funniest family on TV and I can dance up a storm to Hot Pants Rain Dance!

What fiction vehicles would you travel in? Comment below!